Luciana Pedraza Net Worth

Luciana Pedraza Net Worth:
$10 Million

Luciana Pedraza Net Worth

Luciana Pedraza

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of nativity: Jan 5, 1972 (half a century previous)
Gender: Female
Profession: Actor, video manager, business manager, video creator, Screenwriter
Nationality: Argentina

Luciana Pedraza overall importance: Luciana Pedraza is also an Argentine occasional actress and overseer who has got fabric value of 10 dollars million. Luciana Pedraza grew up in Salta, Argentina in November 1972. As an actress the girl had the starring role as Manuela during the flick Assassination Tango in 2002 and also as Samantha Payne during the motion picture angry horse in 2015.

Pedraza posted and focused the written flick painting of Billy man in 2004. Luciana hitched star Robert Duvall in 2005 and it’s the grandchild of Susana Ferrari Billinghurt, the Argentine flight initiate. That she managed to graduate of the college of Buenos Aires and supported as an advertising overseer. Pedraza came across Duvall exercising across town. The pair stock precisely the same unique even though they happen to be 41 several years away. In 2001 then they conceptualized The Robert Duvall Children’s investment which will help babies and couples in blue Argentina and all over the world. They’re also linked to the charity professional Mujer which will help Latin-American women of all ages.