Rebecca Gayheart Net Worth

Rebecca Gayheart Net Worth:
$5 Million

Rebecca Gayheart Net Worth

Rebecca Gayheart

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 12, 1971 (50 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.702 m)
Profession: Actor, Model
Nationality: United States of America

all that is Rebecca Gayheart’s Net Worth?

Rebecca Gayheart is definitely an American occasional actress who’s netting value of five dollars million. Gayheart gathered influence within your 90s as “The Noxzema Girl” within your institution’s adverts, as well as from 1992 to 1993, that she portrayed Hannah Mayberry the ABC scoop opera “Loving.” Rebecca includes more 40 behaving ad credits to the woman first name, like the shows “Scream 2” (1997), “Urban tale” (1998), “Jawbreaker” (1999), as well as “Once Upon the perfect opportunity in movie” (2019) in addition to the boob tube set “Earth 2” (1994–1995), “Beverly land, 90210” (1995), “Wasteland” (1999), as well as “Vanished” (2006). Gayheart as well aimed the 2002 abruptly flick “Me and Daphne,” and she or he includes starred in Broadway creations of “Steel Magnolias” (2005) and “Boeing-Boeing” (2008).

Early animation

Rebecca Gayheart came to be on grand 12, 1971, in danger, Kentucky. The woman mummy, Floneva, had been a separate wonder manager for Martha Kay, as well as the woman founder, Curtis, did the trick as a coal-truck vehicle operator and miner. Rebecca lived in Pine lead, Kentucky, with friends Pam, Elizabeth, as well as Curtis, as well as that she visited Knott local main senior high school. As a greater schooling first-year, Gayheart pictured Lizzie Borden in a stage gambling, as well as when this broad had been 15, that she triumphed a modeling competition and relocated to ny. Indeed there, that she read from the commercial Children’s schooling in addition to the Lee Strasberg field and picture start while coming out in adverts for firms which includes Burger checker and Campbell’s dish and acting in J.C. Penney magazines.


In 1990, Gayheart starred in the latest York institution abruptly flick, “Whatever manifested to Mason Reese?,” pointed by Brett Ratner. 2 yrs late, that she arrived the activity of Hannah Mayberry on “Loving,” coming out in additional than 140 attacks from set. In 1994, Rebecca starred in this tv dvds “Vanishing kid,” “Vanishing kid III,” and “Vanishing kid IV” and started out featuring as Bess Martin the NBC science-fiction set “Earth 2,” which gone for 21 attacks. The woman possessed a persisting activity as Antonia “Toni” Marchette on Fox’s “Beverly land, 90210” in 1995, as well as a year later, that she manufactured the woman showcase flick first appearance within your play “Somebody is certainly standing.” In 1997, Gayheart co-starred with Martin Lawrence and Timothy Robbins in “Nothing to Lose” and portrayed Sorority aunt Lois within your touch slasher flick “Scream 2,” which grossed $172.4 million from the gross. The woman had the starring role as Brenda Bates within your 1998 fear cinema “Urban tale” and Julie Freeman in 1999’s “Jawbreaker,” and she or he portrayed Samantha “Sam” worth the 1999 ABC series “Wasteland,” that has been involved with “Scream” screenwriter Kevin Williamson. In 2000, Rebecca starred within your shows “From sunset work change 3: The Hangman’s child” and “Shadow hour” together with a cameo in “Urban Legends: concluding reduce,” subsequently that she co-starred with associates “Scream 2” sorority sibling Sara Michelle Gellar in 2001’s “Harvard person.”


Gayheart guest-starred on “Inside Schwartz” (2001), “everything I Like in regards to you” (2003), “The unit” (2004), as well as “Nip/Tuck” (2004–2006), as well as before 2004, that she possessed a persisting activity as Betty Rhomer on Showtime’s “Dead just like me.” The woman starred in the shows “Pipe Dream” (2002), “Santa’s murder” (2005), as well as “Bunny Whipped” (2007), as well as that she portrayed the label activity within your tv show cinema “Scarlett” (2006). In 2005, Rebecca acquired excellent evaluates on her behalf ability in “Steel Magnolias” on Broadway, with “Variety’s” brian Rooney blogging, “Exuding any lively assurance of a female who’s been widely used and attractive, Gayheart’s Shelby has a solid store, enabling just shorter looks from crevices within her sunny, good veneer and resist in order to become addressed as thin commodities from the clucking the ladies over her.” Rebecca had the starring role as Judy Nash the canine sesiones “Vanished” in 2006, as well as with this in mind the opportunity, that she guest-starred on “Medium” (2006), “CSI: Miami” (2007), “Ugly Betty” (2007), as well as “The answer” (2009). The woman starred in the 2013 teenager drama “G.B.F.,” in addition to 2015, that she co-starred together boyfriend, Eric Dane, in “Grey girl.” In 2019, Gayheart possessed a tiny activity as Billie unit, the asleep woman of nail Pitt’s Cliff unit, in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon the perfect opportunity in movie,” which gained an Academy honor condition for optimum visualize and a Golden world for optimum film – audio or funny.

Personal Liveliness

At years 15, Rebecca came across Brett Ratner, would you late absolute shows which includes “Rush Hour” and “X-Men: Another position,” as well as used to be in an association for 13 year. They truly became focused on 1997, they also breakup in 1999. Gayheart committed foreseeable future “Grey’s analysis” ace Eric Dane on July 29, 2004, 10 periods after living up to the dog, as well as people met kids Billie (conceived progress 3, 2010) and Georgia (conceived January 28, 2011) before Rebecca registered for divorce process during the early 2018. In ’09, the two sued Gawker advertising for upphovsrätt breach after a nude video footage offering Gayheart, Dane, as well as old lose Redhead American market contestant Kari Ann Peniche had been publicized on Virtually yearly late, Gawker agreed with pull off the video footage.

In May 2001, Rebecca minted a 9-year-old kid, Jorge Cruz, Jr., while that she had been driving a vehicle in the ownership of the lady “From sunset work change 3” co-star Marco Leonardi. Alas, Cruz faded the very next day, as well as Gayheart presented a family $10,000 to spend ceremony payments. In october 2001, that she pleaded no competition to vehicular manslaughter, as well as that she earned a sentence of 36 months of liberation and 750 a long time of society serving. Rebecca’s photo license was dangling for yearly, as well as that she had been bought to repay a thin of $2,800. Cruz’s mother and father stored a wrongful expiry case, as well as it seemed to be resolved not in courtroom in August 2002. Gayheart communicated around the sad car accident during a 2019 visual appearance on “The an individual within your Room” pod-cast, uncovering, “we couldn’t would like to dwell and after that car accident. That’s what it really reduced to. I should haven’t take care of it in anyway. Well I paid about yearly barely aiming to kill off me, mainly, by choosing to do every self-destructive part an individual can serve.”

Real House

In 2006, Gayheart and Dane paid for $1.64 million for a 2,265 sq ft range in la. The team place three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom property that can be purchased for $1.495 million last year, every week since they bought your house in L.A.’s Beverly land local post office spot for $2.4 million.