Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Rosie Rivera Net Worth:
$14 Million

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Net Worth: $14 Million
Date of nativity: Jul 3, 1981 (forty years former)
Place of nativity: Long coastline, carolina, USA

Rosie Rivera newer Worth: Rosie Rivera is usually a Mexican television system identity having netting value of $14 million. Rosie Rivera to get referred to as the coming daughter for the tardy vocalist Jenni Rivera, so, who unfortunately were killed in a fatal airliner accident , but from the accused referred to as you for perform sitcom Rica, Famosa, Brazilian (akin to America’s “Real Housewives”).

Rosie often is the most youthful person in the famed Rivera kids. From the accused finally the executor of your model sister’s mansion, the tardy North american country vocalist Jenni Rivera. A handwritten tone exited via the tardy vocalist given the name Rosie accountable for balancing Rivera’s budget since the boss of Jenni associations should anything accidentally this lady. Rosie’s late identity sets your model in alter of don’t just the tardy performer’s budget, and also of your model brand name and of permanent sale of your model singing and object.

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In supplement, the character needless to say Rosie, 31, task throughout the five small children Jenni put aside: Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera; Jacqueline Marín Rivera; Michael Marín Rivera; Jenicka Lopez Rivera; Arthur Lopez Rivera. Rosie by herself often is the parent of two young girls as well as the beautiful wife of Abel Flores. In her own part on Rica, Famosa, Brazilian we experience Rosie live your model existence and just wild while she bills your model kids (coupled with daughter Jenni’s small children) in addition to the task for the heritage exited by your model daughter. The tv series celebrities Rosie Rivera and four many other famous and rich women that invest of that endures digicam for to view.