Shakib Khan Net Worth

Shakib Khan Net Worth:
$20 Million

Shakib Khan Net Worth

Shakib Khan

Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of begin: Mar 28, 1983 (39 years of)
Gender: Male
size: 6 foot 2 in (1.88 thousand)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Bangladesh

Shakib Khan Net Worth: Shakib Khan is certainly a Bangladeshi actor or actress who may have fabric value of twenty-dollars million. Shakib Khan grew up in Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He had emerge as among the most good Bangladeshi celebrities ever sold after helping her introduction in 1999. Khan includes landed eight Meril Prothom Alo honors as well as landed federal show honors for optimum professional the dvds Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na this season, Khodar concentrate mama , as well as Aro Bhalobashbo Tomay in 2015.

Khan may also be a producer exactly who done the flick character: The Ace along with particular companionship SK flick which has been created in 2014. She was crowned director of show creative collective last year and delivered until 2015. Shakib Khan partnered celebrity Apu Biswas before prop 8 although your weddings have been preserved a key until 2017 after buying a son in 2016. He had become a brandname ambassador for Asian Duplex village and Pran electric electricity beverage.