Tony Longo Net Worth

Tony Longo Net Worth:
$1 Million

Tony Longo Net Worth

Tony Longo

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of nativity: Aug 19, 1961 (60 years of)
Gender: Male
distance off the ground: 6 foot 5 in (1.98 metres)
Profession: Actor, picture designer, Screenwriter
Nationality: America

Tony Longo Net Worth: Tony Longo had been an American actor or actress that has netting value of $one million dollars. Tony Longo grew up in nj-new jersey in May 1961. He then was 6’6″ and the best kinds had jobs that pictured it as an imposing gigantic who had been extra-strong with unhealthy ability.

Longo wore over 150 operating money to its identify. He’d continual jobs in your the telly group Alice, underworld area, first & Ten: The champion, Shaky connection, police officers school: The set, the students and also the Restless, times of existence, as well as defense men. Longo starred in motion pictures dirty, Sixteen Candles, Mr. fortune, Suburban Commando, a final wow search, Prehysteria!, Angels in your Outfield, Houseguest, The Flintstones in Viva move Las vegas, Mulholland force, Pete Smalls will be very, shifting deal, ram dogs and also the star of significant Paw, as well as Eraser. Additionally, he had a role in installment of one’s Show Laverne & Shirley, Simon & Simon, Alice, complete Strangers, Sydney, as well as Monk. Tony Longo passed on on may 21, 2015 at 53 years of with his sleep.