Ward Bond Net Worth

Ward Bond Net Worth:
$5 Million

Ward Bond Net Worth

Ward Bond

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of rise: Apr 9, 1903 – Nov 5, 1960 (57 years of)
Gender: Male
position: 6 foot (1.85 meters)
Profession: Actor, British footballer
Nationality: usa

Ward Bond Net Worth: Ward Bond appeared to be an American actor or actress whom has an Net Worth equivalent to five dollars million when his own end (after transforming for rising prices). Ward Bond grew up in Benkelman, Nebraska in May 1903 and passed on in october 1960. He over 270 functioning breaks to his own identify and had the starring role as large Seth Adams in the tv show Wagon control from 1957 to 1961.

He/she had the starring role much more than 20 flick with donald Wayne such as single Superstar Ranger, designed Reckless, the larger track, contrast, The great trip dwelling, a guy Betrayed, big inside seat, People were Expendable, station Apache, use ocean, Hondo, cub that happens once a year, The Searchers, The means of Eagles, Rio grand merci, as well as additional. Ward Bond starred in a lot of second motion pictures adding It’s an amazing everyday life as Bert, the policeman. In 1960 they accepted a star in the spirit trip of celebrity for tv at 6933 spirit Blvd. Ward Bond passed on on october 5, 1960 at 57 years of from a cardiovascular disease.