Anna Abreu Net Worth

Anna Abreu Net Worth:
$5 Million

Anna Abreu Net Worth

Anna Abreu

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of delivery: Feb 7, 1990 (32 years of)
Gender: Female
stature: 5 foot (1.53 t)
Profession: Singer
Nationality: Finland

Anna Abreu online worthwhile: Anna Abreu is certainly a Finnish-Portuguese performer having an Net Worth of five dollars million. Anna Abreu grew up in Vantaa, the region of Finland in January 1990. Abreu complete because runner-up to the world hdtv show Idols in 2007. This lady has been upon turn some of the hot-selling Local Idols wrestlers.

Abreu’s self-titled premier dojo project premiered in 2007. The project was basically approved 2x Platinum in the region of Finland and landed at no. 1. Him/her following project today premiered before prop 8 and landed at no. 1 and was basically trained Platinum. Him/her final project just now a quite encounter? premiered in ’09 and was basically trained Platinum and landed at # 2 to the arrangements. Abreu’s third project kick premiered this year and was basically no. 1 and trained money. Him/her current project, letter, premiered in 2014 and landed at # 4 and was basically trained rare in the region of Finland. Abreu has received no. 1 singles in the region of Finland with all the melodies “End of Love”, “Ivory Tower”, as well as “Vinegar”. This lady has available near 200,000 downloads and its among the many 100 hot-selling musicians of them all in the region of Finland.