Dennis Prager Net Worth

Dennis Prager Net Worth:
$10 Million

Dennis Prager Net Worth

Dennis Prager

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of start: Aug 2, 1948 (73 years)
Gender: Male
elevation: 6 foot 3 in (1.93 t)
Profession: Radio individuality, Commentator, source, Presenter
Nationality: states

Dennis Prager Net Worth: Dennis Prager is actually an American remote converse express number, publisher, writer, as well as orator that fabric value of ten bucks million. Dennis Prager grew up in ny, Chicago in 1948. This individual wrote an overview of Judaism referred to as the Nine doubts folks question Judaism in 1976 which turned out to be a bestseller. In 1982 Prager had been appointed to run a talk express on creed in l . a ., arkansas and so the express held for upwards of ten years. In 1983 his ledger precisely why the Jews? The cause of Anti-Semitism had been released. Prager needs taught a nationally distributed converse express since 1999. Additionally, He performs a non-profit webpage known as PragerU (for example “Prager University”). Presently PragerU performs a somewhat large and good Myspace passage with over 2 million users and 1 billion+ landscapes per annum.

As about this generating he had released nine courses, adding believe that the next schedule (44 Essays on 44 themes), well-being has become an important issue: a person type service pdf, always the most effective intend: precisely why the whole world wants United states deals to victory, The Ten Commandments: always the very best motivation laws, as well as The Ten Commandments: always the very best way to trace. They have equally scripted it For warmth welfare III and so the trunks For warmth welfare, For warmth welfare Two, The United states Trinity, as well as The Middle-East question.

Dennis Prager has long been betrothed thrice. This individual fused the up-to-date girl Susan Reed before prop 8.