Reza Aslan Net Worth

Reza Aslan Net Worth:
$3 Million

Reza Aslan Net Worth

Reza Aslan

Net Worth: $3 Million
Date of start: May 3, 1972 (half a century older)
Gender: Male
Profession: Writer, teacher, Author
Nationality: Iran

Reza Aslan Net Worth: Reza Aslan looks an Iranian-American blogger, student, as well as lecturer who’s got an Net Worth of $3 million. Reza Aslan grew up in Tehran, Iran in-may 1972. Its loved ones relocated to the us in 1979 fleeing the Iranian trend. The man matured during the san francisco bay area country and presented programmes at d’une Salle highschool during the 1990s.

He supports a Bachelor’s point in religious beliefs from Santa Clara institution, a pro of Theological Investigation from Harvard Divinity schooling, a pro of thin art on the institution of Iowa’s authors’ course, as well as a physician of vision on the institution of ohio, Santa Barbara. Aslan looks enrolled about the United states school of institution. He had written the online top selling textbooks No idol but master: The roots, story, as well as way ahead for Islam and Zealot: the life span and points during the Jesus of Nazareth. He had composed for Church of Christ Scientist control, the L. A. era, The celtics complete, the brand new York era, The Oregon upright, the Chicago Tribune, as well as the guard. Aslan includes developed on NPR, PBS, meet up with the compress, our frequently exhibit with Jon Stewart, The Colbert record, period of time with beak Maher, baseball, Nightline, as well as Anderson Cooper 360. In July 2014 she circulated the latest York era post “Bill Maher is not the only person which Misunderstand institution” concerning characterizing feminine penile mutilation as an “Islamic problem”. Aslan includes circulated at most seven textbooks.