Brian Baker Net Worth

Brian Baker Net Worth:
$4 Million

Brian Baker Net Worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

Brian Baker Net Worth: Brian Baker can be an American hood material instrumentalist that an Net Worth of $4 million. Brian Baker grew up in March 1965. He can be a founding valued contributor to the music group lesser hazard and allows been a while guitar player the music group unfit faith. Baker formed the music group Dag bad and ended up being a different valued contributor to the music group Samhain.

he had well used the groups dog form, The Meatmen, military topic, as well as Junkyard. The guy toured with me at night First of all plus the Gimme Gimmes and refused a proposal being a touring instrumentalist with R.E.M. Brian Baker is highlighted over the lousy faith records The organization slipstream in 1996, time-tested in 1997, No drug in 1998, the brand new The country in 2000, the entire process of thinking in 2002, The kingdom hit first-in 2004, unique Maps of sin in 2007, The resist of adult male this year, as well as faithful south in 2013. He’s well starred as on records with dog form, Dag bad, The Meatmen, lesser hazard, as well as Junkyard.