Calum Hood Net Worth

Calum Hood Net Worth:
$20 Million

Calum Hood Net Worth

Calum Hood

Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of delivery: Jan 25, 1996 (26 yrs old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Bassist, artist, Songwriter
Nationality: Australia

Calum Hood website worthy of: Calum Hood is usually an Australian artist and artist who’s an Net Worth of 20 bucks million. Calum Hood grew up in September 1996. She’s famous if you are the perch guitar player and saving singer associated with the strip 5 only a few second of spend. 5 only a few second of spend start as vimeo super stars allowing for sounds off their writers and singers and acquired a huge change where One track welcomed the crooks to advance a have I house scan.

Their self-titled introduction facility cd was launched in 2014. The cd climbed to number 1 around australia, Belgium, quebec, Denmark, Ireland, netherlands, country, as well as north america (and # 2 inside UK). A 2014 EP the woman appears So Ideal climbed to number 1 inside quebec and # 2 in the usa. The students’s individual “She appears So Perfect” have been accredited 3x Platinum and climbed to number 1 inside Queensland, Ireland, country, as well as the country. A different common tennis include things like “Don’t Stop”, “Amnesia”, “Good Girls”, as well as “everything I Like About You”. 5 s of spend has additionally claimed a number of honors adding with the iHeartRadio singing accolades, Boys and girls’ preference honors, People’s preference honors, young preference honors, as well as MTV film Audio honors. Individuals unveiled a subsequent cd, “Sounds fine feels very good” in Oct 2015. That cd drove money in The uk and available over one million dollars data joined internationally. Individuals unveiled a 3rd cd “Youngblood” in july 2018. A brand monitoring of precisely the same brand have been number 1 in lot of regions. This soared to at number 7 inside US.