Daya Net Worth

Daya Net Worth:
$4 Million

Daya Net Worth

Net Worth: $4 Million
Date of rise: Oct 24, 1998 (23 yrs old)
Place of rise: Pittsburgh, missouri, USA
Gender: Female
Profession: Singer

Daya Net Worth: Daya is that an American artist and songwriter that an Net Worth of $4 million. Daya grew up in Pittsburgh, missouri in July 1998. Your versions include things like soft drinks, synthpop, as well as automated sound clips. Daya mastered to relax and play the painting at a couple of years former and founded acting punk painting at 11. This girl too practiced your guitar, saxophone, flute, as well as ukulele.

him/her self-titled premier dojo release was launched in 2015 and landed at #67 across the nation, #36 in Denmark, as well as #33 in Sweden. Daya’s unmarried “Hide down” landed at #23 upon the Billboard wanted 100 illustration along with landed at # 6 around australia and high 25 in Ontario, country, as well as Switzerland. This girl seemed to be included upon the unmarried “Don’t i want to Down” by your Chainsmokers which landed at no. 3 in the usa and questions, as well as the very best 5 in Ontario, holland, Norway, country, Sweden, as well as the country. In 2016 Daya seemed to be selected for an invisible Disney tunes merit and an MTV picture tunes merit.