Clive Barker Net Worth

Clive Barker Net Worth:
$12 Million

Clive Barker Net Worth

Clive Barker

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of rise: Oct 5, 1952 (69 yrs old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Author, shoot overseer, Screenwriter, shoot maker, professional, Playwright, artist, Illustrator, aesthetic creator, video gaming artist
Nationality: agreed Kingdom

Clive Barker Net Worth and earnings: Clive Barker is actually an English, novelist and overseer who also offers an Net Worth of $12 million. Clive Barker may well be renowned for something contained in the scary sort. The main tasks are as a writer. Barker wrote himself a number of tales and light books gradually, with these youngstees, which includes Hellraiser and Candyman, obtaining customized into well known scary motion picture group.

As a director, Barker offers helmed Hellraiser in conjunction with working as a producer on Candyman. He’s furthermore instructed scary flicks which includes Nightbreed. Barker offers greatly always been an author, having said that article writing screenplays for flicks which includes Underworld and Rawhead Rex. A task in dvds is essentially fresh, dreamlike, as well as avant-garde, making it much more remarkable that he’s know how to collect this a cult pursuing about themselves. Another industry that Barker has confirmed a desire for is here comics. In 1993, she or he attained a lifetime even think of creating a type of hero comics after express discharged Razorline, an imprint of comics according to Barker’s meticulous things and persona layouts. These comics, including games which includes Ectokid and ideal Sinner, furthermore was able to benefit a cult pursuing.