Justin Lin Net Worth

Justin Lin Net Worth:
$50 Million

Justin Lin Net Worth

Justin Lin

Net Worth: $50 Million
Date of delivery: Oct, 1971 (fifty years previous)
Gender: Male
Profession: Film movie director, dvd designer, Screenwriter, high definition televisions music producer, dvd publisher, high definition televisions representative, Cinematographer
Nationality: united states

Justin Lin total really worth: Justin Lin can be a Taiwanese movie director who’s got netting value of 50 bucks billion dollars. Justin Lin grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as lived in fruit state, colorado. The guy proceeded to produce a Master’s level out of the college of colorado – chicago dvd Your School in Directing.

He first-made surf along with autonomous characteristic flick, “Shopping for Fangs”, which had been made in 1997. Your panels is viewed a cult common, as well as concluded in the far more high-profile act. After that, as well as guided many different work, as well as diverse documentaries, as well as the movies, “Better opportunities later” and “Annapolis”. In 2006, he then was used to absolute it, “Fast & mad: Tokyo Japan Drift”. He’s got as a result guided three far more “Fast & mad” shows, as well as can be awarded with stimulating the dealership. He’s got additionally guided alot more autonomous work, just as state of the art drama, “Finishing the Game”, as well as different symptoms for the hdtv string, “Community”.