Louis Leterrier Net Worth

Louis Leterrier Net Worth:
$14 Million

Louis Leterrier Net Worth

Net Worth: $14 Million
Date of rise: Jun 17, 1973 (48 yrs old)
Place of rise: Paris, Hollande
Profession: Film movie director

Louis Leterrier Net Worth: Louis Leterrier is definitely a French presentation movie director that an Net Worth of $14 million. Louis Leterrier grew up in town, Hollande in august 1973. Brand-new areas such as instructed the flicks The Transporter in 2002, revealed in 2005, Transporter 2 in 2005, The Amazing loom 4 years ago, jar about the Titans this season, you understand I in 2013, as well as Grimsby in 2016.

Leterrier made since the accounting music producer of the films fury about the Titans and then you understand I 2 in 2016. As an actor as well as starred in the pictures Scout toujours…, Asterix & Obelix: journey Cleopatra, jar about the Titans, as well as Archetype. She read film in the Tisch schooling about the disciplines at The Big Apple after running over there at 18 yrs old. Leterrier ended up being set up to steer the flick while in the dark but it exited the movie thanks to inventive variations and a spending plan reducing.