Mickey Leigh Net Worth

Mickey Leigh Net Worth:
$2 Million

Mickey Leigh Net Worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

Mickey Leigh Net Worth: Mickey Leigh looks an American artist and novelist owning fabric value of $2 million. He can be most commonly known to get the sibling of Joey Ramone.

Mickey Leigh grew up in wood mountains, the big apple in august 1954. She or he appears as drum and casio keyboard. He can be the sibling associated with the position singer associated with the tie Ramones, Joey Ramone. Mickey Leigh was not ever within your tie Ramones. He soon started 1st tie at years older and enjoyed two Ramones at 14. She or he developed the tie Birdland in 1977 and additionally they unveiled the release Birdland with Lester screw in 1986. Leigh continued in order to create the tie The Rattlers who also unveiled their own release Rattled! in the year 1985. She or he developed the tie brother Rivalry together with his sibling Joey in 1994 thereafter saved a record referred to as will never together with his tie Place To See 1996. Mickey Leigh owned the ebook we Slept with Joey Ramone: a fiction writer Memoir last year.