Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav Net Worth:
$2 Million

Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav

Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 16, 1959 (63 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Musician, Actor, Rapper, TV Personality, Composer, Restaurateur, Television producer, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America

all that is Flavor Flav’s Net Worth?

Flavor Flav will be an American knocker and realness Tv-apparat movie star who has got netting value of $2 million. She’s well-known for co-founding plenty opposing forces, probably the most abundant rap music communities in beats account with 14 facility cds and most 40 beats video. Body opposing forces earned fundamental recognition in their first appearance record album, 1987’s “Yo! bottom kick the program,” and “It need a Nation of many to have most of us in reply” (1988), “Fear of a Black earth” (1990), as well as “Apocalypse 91… The opposing forces shine clothing” (1991) had been all skilled Platinum. Sometimes watched with an excessive time waiting from his / her cut, Flavor Flav is a primary of realness Tv-apparat, star on VH1’s “The Surreal life time” (2004), “Strange Love” (2005), as well as “Flavor of Love” (2006-2008).

Early life time

Flavor Flav came into this world William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. on walk 16, 1959, in Roosevelt, nyc. The man invested in Freeport, nyc, with mama Anna, beget William (a dining establishment seller), cousin Steven, as well as daughter Jean. He soon started performing lamp at five years former after giving themselves, as well as also, he participated flute and drums as a kid. Drayton performed within your school chorus and went to Freeport highschool, but she quit during his / her senior 12 months. As he was basically a young boy, she unintentionally established his / her kids’s dwelling unstoppable when he was basically enjoying a lighter, as well as he had been apprehended for theft and robbery various circumstances as a youngster. In 1978, William went to kitchen class, as well as she got together Carlton Ridenhour (also called chow D) at big Island’s Adelphi institution and commenced behaving when he needed to park college or university energy picture. Each further commenced rapping along, as well as Drayton founded making use of period reputation Flavor Flav.


Flavor Flav and chow m co-founded plenty opposing forces in the year 1985 and produced the trail “Public opposing forces #1” a year later, creating the interest of stack Rubin, a Def block information government. Then they authorized an offer by using the recording label and produced her first appearance record album, “Yo! bottom kick the program” on January 10, 1987. The record album was basically skilled platinum via the RIAA, as well as her followup, 1988’s “It need a Nation of many to have most of us in reply” was put Platinum and attained no. 1 to the “Billboard” lead R&B/Hip-Hop collections graph. Body opposing forces then you definitely produced 1990’s “Fear of a Black earth,” which showcased the no. 1 “Billboard” red-hot strike records “Fight the flexibility” and “911 looks fiction.” The students possesses issued 11 extra cds after that, which include “New spin Odor” (2005), “Rebirth of a Nation” (2006), as well as “The bad government of the stuff” (2012), as well as her fifteenth record album, “everything you Gonna will after power sets?” will be due for a September 2020 free. In walk 2020, the club launched the build had been stopping Flav from within the group after a disagreement as to a Bernie Sanders race, but chow m further noted it was subsequently a joke.

Flav issued a self-titled porn record album in 1996, as well as they have constructed customer shows on tunes by Anthrax, George Clinton, ice-cube, shall Gret, spy Dogg, as well as a number of other specialists. The man constructed the attempt into realness tv in 2004, initial behaving on “The unique life time,” just where he soon started a connection with Danish actor Brigitte Nielsen. VH1 afforded the two their unique picture, “Strange appreciate,” a year later, but Nielsen closed the partnership at the conclusion of set, settling on return the fiancé. Flav then you definitely had the starring role to the going out with picture “Flavor of appreciate,” which operated for a few conditions, as well as in 2007, he had been the customer of merit to the “Comedy fundamental knock of Flavor Flav.” Flav possesses had a role in some picture and Tv-apparat assignments as an actor, which include “New port destination” (1991), “Private components” (1997), as well as “The Bernie Mac computer display” (2004), as well as he previously happening again jobs on “Under One Roof” (2008-2009), “Nite memories: The show” (2009), as well as “Dr. Fubalous” (2012). Flav in addition has had the cafes Flav’s Fried meat, Flavor Flav’s family of Flavor, as well as Flavor Flav’s fowl & Ribs.

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Personal life time

Flav possesses three youngsters with Karen Ross, three with Angie Parker, as well as one with Elizabeth Trujillo. He had been intrigued to Trujillo when he was basically going out with another lady on “Flavor of appreciate,” along with bride and groom supposedly have partnered anytime after 2013. In Oct 2012, Flav was basically apprehended for assaulting Liz and intimidating the teenager kid with a knife, as well as a year later, the two made an appearance on VH1’s “Couples care.” , Parker used Flav to courtyard within the $111,186 she owed in support payment, as well as being confronted with only 6 months in imprisonment, she settled Angie $25,000 in Summer of these 12 months and opted to monthly $1,200 costs.

Flav possesses fought against drug dependency and legalities throughout his / her liveliness, as well as after a 1991 halt for assaulting Ross and 1993 busts for crack, weed, family assault, as well as tried killing, his / her kids retained an intervention and won over the guy for getting help you to the Betty honda core. Additionally, he desired procedure to the big destination core for improvement after his / her beget passed in 1997. Flav continues to be apprehended a couple of times after that, taking nine several weeks in Rikers destination in 2002 for maneuver prices and operating with a suspended certificate and accumulating busts for operating crimes this year, 2014, as well as 2015. When the 2014 halt, Flav wore 16 driver’s certificate suspensions.

Awards and Nominations

With plenty opposing forces, Flavor Flav possesses garnered six Grammy nominations: four for perfect strike function by a Duo or collection (“Fight the flexibility” in 1990, “Fear of a Black earth” in 1991, “Apocalypse 91” in 1992, as well as “Greatest Misses” in 1993), one for perfect alloy function (“Bring the Noise” with Anthrax, 1995), as well as most effective tunes Digital video – big change (“The opposing forces shine dwell,” 1993). The students was basically inducted towards the stone area of reputation in 2013 and delivered a Grammy generation excellent prize in 2020, as well as in addition, they have garnered nominations by the National tunes prizes along with spirit exercise prizes (receiving finest strike project for “Apocalypse ’91” in 1992). For a task on “Flavor of appreciate,” Flav gained Woman decision prize nominations for Tv-apparat – decision really finest (student) in 2006 and decision Tv-apparat: mans Reality/Variety finest in 2007.

Real Land

In 2008, Flav settled as much as $685,000 for a 3,708 sq ft range in vegas. Home contains four rooms and three bathtubs.