The D.O.C. Net Worth

The D.O.C. Net Worth:
$1 Million

The D.O.C. Net Worth

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of delivery: Jun 10, 1968 (53 years of age)
Place of delivery: West Texas, Tx, USA
Gender: Male
Profession: Rapper, songwriter, track record manufacturer

The D.O.C. web value: The D.O.C. is usually an American rap artist who suffers from fabric value of $one million dollars. The D.O.C. grew up in Texas, Tx in may 1968. They have been recently one on this collection Fila clean gang along with working together with N.W.A.

and assisting Easy-E and doc Dre. The D.O.C. co-founded passing course files with doc Dre and Suge Knight. The release porn facility album no person can take action good was introduced in 1989 and achieved number one from the everyone R&B graph and #20 from the Billboard 200 graph. The D.O.C. introduced the record helter-skelter in 1996 which achieved no. 5 from the everyone R&B graph and #30 in the usa. She introduced the record devil before 2004. The single men and women “It’s trendy required” and “The D.O.C. & The Doctor” both achieved number one from the everyone blame graph. The D.O.C. equally showed up from the cds N.W.A. plus the Posse by N.W.A. and Tuffest person active by Fila clean gang.