Rivers Cuomo Net Worth

Rivers Cuomo Net Worth:
$35 Million

Rivers Cuomo Net Worth

Rivers Cuomo

Net Worth: $35 Million
Date of rise: Jun 13, 1970 (51 years of age)
Gender: Male
peak: 5 foot 6 in (1.689 meters)
Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, instrumentalist, Composer, Lyricist
Nationality: US

Rivers Cuomo Net Worth: Rivers Cuomo is that an American performer having an Net Worth of $35 billion dollars. Cuomo is most beneficial recognized for getting top honors singer, guitar player, as well as main songwriter about the choice rock group Weezer. Nowadays Weezer comes from Patrick Wilson (drums, flute, backing lines), Brian Bell (flute, assisting lines, casio ctk-2100) and Scott Shriner (pike, assisting lines, casio ctk-2100). Though the line-up changed 4 times since its very own arrangement, Cuomo is that an endless representative which he’s let go nine facility collections, six EPs and a DVD as a Weezer bandmate. The appliance should induce introduced the “emo” age within the middle 2000′s, mainly due to River’s songwriting with his voice abilities. As his or her nearly all booming records digest “Buddy Holly”, “Undone – The garment Song”, “Say This Ain’t So”, “Perfect Situation”, “Island within the Sun”, “Beverly land” and “Pork and Beans”. Essential something applying the musical organization, Cuomo boasts let go three porn collections and possesses crafted various partnerships with other kinds of instrumentalist that will be however daily. Cuomo is usually recognized for their particular ever-evolving, cool and trend-setting method awareness.

Early Period of time

Rivers Cuomo was created on may 13, 1970 in New york, the big apple, to daddy blunt Cuomo, of Italian ancestry, as well as parent Beverly Schoenberger, of German-English ancestry. Cuomo boasts one considered friend, billy Anthony Kitts (developed dried leaves Cuomo on september 31, 1971).

Cuomo grew up with the city Zen place in city, the big apple until their particular daddy divorced their particular parent in 1975. Cuomo moved together with his parent to Yogaville, an ashram in Pomfret, Ct.

River’s parent remarried to Stephen Kitts quickly after.

In 1980, if Cuomo appeared to be around several years familiar, Yogaville gone to live in town along with (at present) Kitts kids chosen to stay in Ct. They will gone to live in the Storrs Mansfield region, that Rivers with his friend went to Mansfield secondary school and E.O. Johnson University. In Class Rivers appeared to be part about the high school kids chorus and episode community, running in an educational institution manufacturing of Fat as Arthur Casino.

Whilst In high school kids, Rivers on a temporary basis went by brand “Peter Kitts”. After this individual managed to graduate, this individual reverted time for Rivers Cuomo.

Musical Influences and early on opportunity

Captivated by looks of metallic element (cookie, truck Halen, hushed Riot) and hook-heavy punk-pop (the Pixies) at a young age, Rivers earned 1st flute, a Stratocaster textsince something special from their particular parent parking 14th christmas.  Rivers why not developed the musical organization Fury, that this individual has written 1st track, “Fight for your personal Right,” a Kiss type metallic element anthem. Fury starred your number one clearly show in Sep 1984.

One same year when the arrangement of Fury, Cuomo rebranded as glam alloy musical organization avant-garde away from a want to perform a heavier alloy more strongly aligned corectly together with his type. Cuomo persisted to steer avant-garde throughout high school kids and its recognized for reaching a serious relation to the musical organization paid members.

In 1989, Rivers and avant-garde gone to live in are generally. While available, the musical organization starred one or two significant indicates and gradually replaced your brand to travel to help with making them selves additional useful and targeted.

While Rivers appeared to be going to playing the guitar bring right at that moment, he had been never going to groups and didn’t postgraduate.

During these times, Rivers has written records like “You Overpower Me”, “Anything for everyone” and “Xmas in L.A.”, a musical standard about getting out of the home for yuletide.

To employ their particular new to records, Cuomo developed a band described as bull with Patrick Wilson and Scottie Chapman. The musical organization ultimately disintegrated and rebranded as 60 drastically wrong Sausages.

Cuomo worked with Patrick Wilson as well as confined records hand in hand along the lines of “The hit Screen” and “What’s Goin’ On?” while Cuomo has written his dresses along the lines of “Sing opinion behind” and “i obtained some questions.” These very early records took over as first step toward 60 drastically wrong Sausages. With 60 drastically wrong Sausages, Cuomo taped the fats EP.

Cuomo too served to Kevin Ridel tape for their particular Christian rock group, the fact. Cuomo appeared to be by and large an engineer and sang back-up lines and flute on records along the lines of “My safety,” “Eyes about the Children” and “I simply fit in with divinity.”


While going to are generally industry university in 1992, Cuomo shaped Weezer with drummer Patrick Wilson, musician flat quick and guitar player Jason Cropper. The expression “Weezer” was really a nickname bestowed upon Cuomo by their particular daddy

In may of 1993 Weezer closed an increasing contend with DGC, a subsidiary of Geffen files.

In Should of 1994 Weezer let go your self-titled play record. This record will come to often be referred to as the “Blue Album”, on account of the depressed history of the record protection. Cropper turn the musical organization for the record taping and appeared to be updated by Brian Bell. Generated by Ric Ocasek for the cars and trucks, the dark project would appeared to be accredited platinum on Solemnity of Mary, 1995, with sale in excess of a million. The record ultimately bought well over 3 million versions in the usa and 15 million around the globe.

In 1995, with the maximum Weezer’s very early accomplishment, Rivers manufactured the different choice to sign up at Harvard college to check ancient constitution. It before long recognized this individual definitely didn’t experience stylish ancient songs, as well as overlooked touring/creating with Weezer. Rivers quit of Harvard two semesters before school.

In Sep 1996, Weezer presented your 2nd record, “Pinkerton”. This record could ultimately constitute accredited platinum, however is not until many years late.

Following “Pinkerton”, Weezer took a three-year suspension. During their particular time period Cuomo re-enrolled at Harvard. He’d never legally finished their particular business until 2004.

Weezer late let go appropriate collections, the “Green project” (2001), “Maladroit” (2002), “Make Believe” (2005), “Red project”  (2008), “Raditude” (2009), “Hurley” (2010), “Death to invalid Metal” (2011), “Everything are ok eventually” (2014), “light project” (2016), “Pacific Daydream” (2017), “Teal project’ (2019), ‘Black project” (2019), “OK Human” (2021), “Van Weezer” (2021).

AS of that generating, Weezer who has sold 10 million collections in the usa and most 35 million around the globe.

Personal Liveliness

Rivers partnered Kyoko Ito on may 18, 2006, that this individual got together in progress 1997 at one of is own porn events with the Middle Eastern Countries pub in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wedding occured at a beach on eden Cove in Malibu and appeared to be visited by all former and provide those in Weezer. The two hold two infants: son Mia, originally from 2007, as well as child Leo, originally from 2011, as well as stay in Santa Monica, wisconsin.

Rivers methods Vipassana breathing and possesses become an on-again and off-again vegan throughout their particular everyday life.