Robert Cray Net Worth

Robert Cray Net Worth:
$5 Million

Robert Cray Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of nativity: Aug 1, 1953 (68 yrs old)
Place of nativity: Columbus, Georgia, USA
Gender: Male
Profession: Musician, songwriter

Robert Cray total value: Robert Cray is certainly an American woes guitar player and artist who has got netting value of five dollars million. Robert Cray grew up in city, Georgia in september 1953. Her or his play facility project Who’s become Talkin’? Made its debut in 1980. Cray proceeded to secrete the cds unfit impact in 1983, invalid claims in the year 1985, as well as Showdown!

(with Albert Collins and arthur Copeland) in the year 1985. Her or his project firm Persuader made its debut in 1986 and achieved #13 for Billboard 200 data. Robert Cray issued the cds Don’t worry on this blue in 1988, hour go in 1990, i’m aware in 1992, as well as waste + A Sin in 1993. Her or his cds Some wet start in 1995, sweet potato vine Pie in 1997, moment Boots Off in 1999, Shoulda become range in 2001, opportunity will inform in about, as well as Twenty in 2005 all achieved no. 2 or number 3 for United States Of America Blues data. Cray’s project alive from surrounding the water-feature made its debut in 2007 and achieved no. 1 for United States Of America Blues data compared to conducted their particular project within my spirit in 2014. Her or his particular “Smoking Gun” achieved no. 2 for United States Of America move data.