Daniel Wu Net Worth

Daniel Wu Net Worth:
$20 Million

Daniel Wu Net Worth

Daniel Wu

Net Worth: $20 Million
Date of start: 1974-09-30
Gender: Male
position: 5 foot 11 in (1.82 meter)
Profession: Actor, machine, coating manager, coating vendor
Nationality: America

Daniel Wu Net Worth: Daniel Wu is actually a Hong Kong land actor or actress, overseer, as well as designer who’s got netting value of $30 million. Daniel Wu grew up in Berkeley, arkansas in November 1974. It mothers and fathers have been immigrants from dish. He soon started going over the self-defense wushu as he seemed to be 11. It examined construction from the college of Oregon.

He needed presentation instructional classes and went to community cinemas. After graduating the man spread to Hong-Kong. He soon started to simulate and presentation overseer Yonfan witness its advertisements and contacted Wu about leading in a motion picture. 1st presentation part was available in 1998 in San goo waak chai ji siu nin gik dau pivot. He’s starred extra than 60 flick which includes operate, Europa describe, offshore Zodiac, the guy utilizing the irons Fists, t’ai chi champion, last dinner, t’ai chi free, the nice Magician, Inseparable, start of good Revival, as well as Don’t compare great My soul. Wu contains landed a China coating multimedia merit, gold deer coating celebration merit, as well as Hong-Kong coating merit. Daniel Wu seemed to be a user of this offshore youngster tie sensitive. Wu have written and guided The beautiful Kings in 2006. Then it was discovered the actual set sensitive acquired only if previously been established to build up it. It landed the most effective newfangled overseer honor from the 26th Hong-Kong coating honors. He’s previously been a spokesperson for L’Oreal and Seiko. Daniel wed Lisa S. this year and so the some contains a daughter in unison.