Yeat Net Worth 2024: 3 Secrets of Success

Yeat Networth What is Yeat Net Worth?

In 2024, estimated Yeat Net Worth is $7 million. Yeat is a well-known young artist who has recently received positive reviews from a number of critics. Because of the songs he has composed and his incredibly unique voice, he has accomplished a great lot over his career.

Even though Yeat debuted in 2016, he remained relatively unknown for a few years until making his first public appearance in 2018. Year, the title of his debut mixtape, was released shortly after and went on to become a reasonably large hit.

Yeat is a well-known individual in the US who has made significant professional accomplishments. In a relatively short time, Yeat has won the appreciation of reviewers. He moved to New York to pursue career opportunities.

But in the end, he made his home in Los Angeles, where he currently stays and has a very nice house.

Yeat has amassed a sizable collection of cars. Even though muscle cars make up the majority of his collection, he still likes to drive pricey, exotic cars. Along with other cars, he is the happy owner of a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Challenger. People Also Check Dua Lipa

Connor Yeat Net Worth Growth

Yeat Net Worth 2024 $7 Million
Yeat Net Worth 2023 $5 Million
Yeat Net Worth 2022 $4 Million
Yeat Net Worth 2021 $2 Million
Yeat Net Worth 2020 $2 Million

Early life

William Butler Yeats was born in Sandymount, Ireland, in 1865. His family was Anglo-Irish Protestant. His mother, Susan Mary Pollexfen, had a deep interest in Irish mythology and the supernatural, while his father, John Butler Yeats, worked as a lawyer and portrait painter.

Early years spent in London and Ireland influenced Yeats. He spent his summers in Ireland’s picturesque County Sligo, where the combination of the surrounding scenery and Irish mythology had a profound effect on him.

Yeats attended schools like the Metropolitan School of Art and the High School in Dublin and London for his official schooling.

In his early years, Yeats was greatly influenced by writers such as William Blake, John Keats, and William Wordsworth. In addition, his early poems had recurring themes related to his obsession with Irish tales and the supernatural.

Let’s go forward to the twenty-first century. On February 26, 2000, in Irvine, California, Noah Olivier Smith—better known as Yeat—was born.

With a father of British and Mexican ancestry and a mother from Romania, his family was known for its multicultural makeup.

Yeat’s family moved to Portland, Oregon, after they were born and raised in Fullerton, California. His love in music started to grow at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, where he continued his schooling.

Personal life

Yeat Networth


Parents: Yeat was born in Irvine, California, on February 26, 2000, as Noah Olivier Smith. His family hails from a variety of backgrounds. While his father is of Mexican and British origin, his mother is Romanian.

Brothers: He is the youngest of two brothers.

Early Years:

Growing up: Yeat moved to Portland, Oregon, with his family after spending his formative years in Fullerton, California. The natural splendor of Oregon and his diverse family history were among his early inspirations.


Yeat played basketball and started pursuing his musical interests while attending Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego.

Career in Music:

Beginning: In 2016, he started rapping under the nickname Lil Yeat, which he eventually shortened to Yeat. In the latter part of the 2010s, he gained recognition because to his unique blend of catchy rap and trap music.

Rise to fame: Yeat’s career took a significant shift in 2021 when his debut studio album “Up 2 Me” and mixtape “4L” were released. Songs like “Get Busy” and “Money So Big” became extremely popular on TikTok, propelling him into the mainstream.

Private Life:

Relationships: Yeat doesn’t publicly disclose his romantic partners, adopting a remarkably secretive attitude. Though rumors and speculation are rampant, he hasn’t officially addressed them.

Lifestyle: Yeat has a taste for luxury, as shown from interviews and peeks on social media. He routinely flaunts his collection of expensive jewelry and fashionable clothes. He also shows off his love of automobiles.

Interesting Fact

Slang: Yeat is known for having a unique language and for having introduced several terms and expressions that have become part of his music and fandom.

Fashion sense: He has similarly unique taste in clothing, mixing designer labels with streetwear and adding unusual accents like balaclavas.

Yeat enjoys playing online games as part of his leisure activities in his spare time, sating his enthusiasm for gaming.


assisting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds:

Yeat founded the Yeat Foundation in 2024 with the goal of improving impoverished youths’ access to healthcare and education.

Even if particular programs and projects are kept under wraps, Yeat’s commitment to supporting young people facing obstacles is highlighted by the foundation’s declared objective.

Supporting regional communities:

Notably, Yeat has been seen giving his time to Portland, Oregon, food banks and homeless shelters. These deeds of generosity, albeit not widely reported, demonstrate his willingness to provide immediate assistance to those in need in his society.

Partnerships with philanthropic institutions:

Yeat worked with the Make-A-desire Foundation in 2022 to grant a child fan’s desire who was suffering cancer. This cooperative endeavor gave the youngster happiness and optimism, demonstrating Yeat’s readiness to use his platform to effect positive change.

All things considered, Yeat’s charitable endeavors seem to be just getting started, with a concentration on helping out the community, healthcare, and education.

Even while it’s unclear how much he has given to charity overall, these peeks inside his endeavors point to an increasing dedication to using his success to benefit others.

It’s important to recognize that Yeat appreciates privacy in his personal life, which may explain why there aren’t many facts available regarding his charitable giving. However, as his career develops, it is expected that his participation in philanthropic activities will

Awards, honours, and records

Yeat Networth

**Awards and Nominations:**

BET Hip Hop Awards (2022):

Nominated for “Best New Hip Hop Artist”

MTV Video Music Awards (2022):

Nominated for “Push Artist of the Year”

XXL Freshman Class (2021):

**Recognition and Achievements:**

**Chart success:**

Multiple albums and singles have secured spots on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts. Notably, “2 Alive” peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200, while “Monëy So Big” reached #12 on the Hot 100.

**Streaming popularity:**

Yeat boasts substantial streaming figures across platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. His 2021 mixtape “4L” alone has surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.

**Viral impact:**

Several of Yeat’s tracks have achieved viral status on TikTok and other social media platforms, catapulting him into mainstream recognition.

**Industry collaborations:**

Yeat has collaborated with established artists like Gunna, Young Thug, and Drake, further solidifying his presence in the rap scene.


Yeat, the rapper renowned for fusing melodic rap with trap in a distinctive way, identifies as multi-ethnic:

Mother: heritage from Romania

Father: Mexican and British descent

Tijuana-born Mexican grandmother

Yeat is therefore of Mexican, British, and Romanian descent. He has chosen to embrace the diversity of his heritage rather than openly identify his ethnicity.

However, he occasionally uses jargon from Romania and alludes to aspects of the nation’s culture in his songs, which occasionally displays his ethnic influences, especially Romanian.

Recall that it’s critical to honor Yeat’s decision on how he chooses to identify as an ethnic person. While he acknowledges his broad origins when he feels it is appropriate, he would rather concentrate on his music and artistic expression.

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