Gregory Peck Net Worth

Gregory Peck Net Worth:
$40 Million

Gregory Peck Net Worth

Gregory Peck

Net Worth: $40 Million
Date of nativity: Apr 5, 1916 – Jun 12, 2003 (87 years)
Gender: Male
stature: 6 foot 2 in (1.905 t)
Profession: Actor, layer designer
Nationality: united states

Gregory Peck sack really worth: Gregory Peck had been an American actor or actress who’d netting value of 40 dollars million. Gregory Peck grew up in hillcrest, cal in May 1916 and perished in july 2003. Within the forties to your 60s Peck had been the single most best-selling presentation movie stars in north america.

He starred as Atticus Finch contained in the 1962 motion picture To obliterate a Mockingbird and acquired the school honor for the very best professional towards factor. Peck has also been chosen for the very best professional for his / her jobs contained in the videos The fundamentals for the country in 1944, The racehorse in 1946, Gentleman’s accord in 1947, as well as Twelve O’Clock great for 1949. Peck as well asterisked in dvds for example Spellbound, The Paradine problem, Roman break, Moby tool, The weapons of Navarone, Cape anxiety, the western got got, The Omen, as well as The men from Brasil. Peck as well acquired several fantastic marketplace honors, a display stars Guild being satisfaction honor, as well as had been presented a star to the movie trip of popularity at 6100 movie Blvd. Having been privileged by leader Lyndon McDouglas applying the Presidential decoration of convenience in 1969. Gregory Peck perished on july 12, 2003 at 87 from bronchopneumonia.