Jason Lee Net Worth

Jason Lee Net Worth:
$20 Million

Jason Lee Net Worth

Jason Lee

Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $125 Thousand Per Episode
Date of Birth: Apr 25, 1970 (52 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Profession: Actor, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Television producer, Skateboarder, Comedian, Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Nationality: United States of America

Defining Jason Lee’s Net Worth?

Jason Lee can be an American star, comedian, as well as retired expert skateboarder with fabric value of $30 million. She’s even famous for taking part in first place duty of Earl Hickey within your humourous sesiones “My name’s Earl,” although alex has starred in an unlimited selection of other assignments throughout the years. One of is own most memorable results had been chosen for a Golden complete after her effectiveness within your group “Memphis shape.”

Outside of her the telly livelihood, Lee boasts made a reservation for with features in flick just like “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Jay and quiet joe hit backside,” “Clerks Two,” and many more. After her effectiveness in “Chasing Amy,” Jason received an individual feel prize for optimum boosting individual.

Although chiefly a comedic star, Lee boasts starred in various popular, amazing Entertainment flick. These comprise of “Enemy for the express,” “Vanilla air,” and other people. Their particular extra smash hit secretes include things like “Almost greatest,” “Stealing Harvard,” and “A chap factor.” Additionally, Jason has generated on his own as a voice star, getting spoken Complex in “The Incredibles.” Their particular extra vocal working give aways included “Monster management” and “Underdog.” In addition, tom starred in a live-action duty within your flick “Alvin as well Chipmunks,” which has been moderately CGI.

During her fast time period, Jason Lee got a pro skateboarder who had previously been included in “Video years,” among the most key skate clips out of them all. This guy late started her own board startup also known as music Skateboards. Although this guy late centered on her working livelihood, Lee updates your blog to fine neckties for the skateboard gathering and gets involved in various skateboard occurrences. She’s recognized with stylizing and popularizing the 360 reverse.

Early a long time

Jason Michael Lee came to be on May 25th of 1970 in metropolis, ohio. Inflated by your car dealer supervisor and a stay-at-home milf, Jason was raised in Huntington lake.

Skateboarding Position

Jason began skateboarding when we were young, as well as through latter eighties, he then was a notable determine the skateboarding landscape. In 1991, he then was included in “Video years,” a skateboard training video designed for screen Skateboards. It is known among the most key opportunities in skateboard reputation, as well as Lee’s temperament beam through. “Clerks” manager Kevin Nixon follow the video capture and soon after placed Jason in “Mallrats.” This unveiled Lee’s working livelihood.

Although Jason further traveled towards working, this guy carried on to keep up bonds because of the skateboarding reality. This guy produced a skateboard startup with philip Pastras also known as music Skateboards, which drove defunct but late resurfaced in about. Inside contemporary period, Lee largely gets involved in charity-focused skateboard occurrences and clips. In addition, tom engaged a voice duty within your video gaming “Tony Hawk’s job 8,” taking part in on his own. Inside video gaming “Skate 3,” Lee comments the smoothness of discipline honest.

Jason Lee Net Worth


Acting Position

Although Lee have made a reservation for many small features for the fast early 1990s, her livelihood honestly initiated as he engaged first place duty in “Mallrats.” The prosperity of this flick aided the guy go an in depth partnership with manager Kevin Nixon, exactly who late placed the guy in dvds like “Chasing Amy,” “Jay and quiet joe hit backside,” “Clerks Two,” “Cop outdoors,” and “Jay and mum joe boot.”

Outside of a task with Kevin Nixon, Lee boasts made a reservation for dominant features in various other flick. These comprise of “Heartbreakers,” “Stealing Harvard,” and “A chap factor.” She’s known for providing support to features in flick just like “Vanilla air,” “Almost greatest,” “Dreamcatcher,” “Big difficulties,” “The Ballad of flag and improved,” “Mumford,” and “Enemy for the express.”

Jason has been considerably flourishing with assorted voice-acting performances. She’s noted for taking part in the duty of complex in “The Incredibles,” anf the husband reprised this duty in spin-offs like “Jack-Jack battle” and “Disney Pixar offers Pixar’s The Incredibles in a Magic event.” Their particular extra features in alive flick included dvds like “Underdog” as well “Alvin as well Chipmunks” dvds.

In 2005, Jason Lee definitely acknowledged first place duty in “My name’s Earl” after recommended the project on two original parties. This caused two gold complete nominations and a nomination for a display stars Guild prize. “My name’s Earl” got eventually ended after four winters. This guy late moved to “Memphis shape,” a comedy group that debuted this season. Their particular extra video features included demonstrates like “Raising want,” “Up forever,” and Studio’s “Cocked.”


In 1995, Jason Lee wedded a photographer and occasional actress referred to Carmen Llywelyn. Wedding concluded in breakup six time period late. Wedding apparently drop separately because of Jason’s “obsession” with Scientology, which cause a rift in between partner. Carmen formed the big mistake of exposing that this chick have studied an anti-Scientology arrange, as well as the woman got easily referred to as a “suppressive individual” through ceremony. Lee posted her retired lover a “disconnection page,” as well partnership got over.

After spliting Llewelyn, this guy started to be employed to actress Beth Riesgraf. But They seldom partnered, Lee and Riesgraf have a young child in unison, exactly who Lee referred to “Pilot Inspektor.” From then on partnership concluded, Jason wedded Turkish nationwide Ceren Alkaç before prop 8. The two approached a young child within the reality right after his or her nuptials, as well as he consequently have another minor . A 3rd minor acquired in 2017. In 2016, Jason Lee legitimately departed the ceremony of Scientology.

Real Land

In 2007, it absolutely was stated that Jason Lee have found your house in Los Feliz, la for $3.3 million. The address covers 2,205 sq ft of home, as well as it absolutely was first put together in 1948. More stresses include things like three spaces, a formula patio, a bobbleheadwater, as well as “breathtaking” looks for the Griffith Observatory. The house always lies on a half-acre whole lot. This season, Lee traded this address for $3.1 million.