Bernie Taupin Net Worth

Bernie Taupin Net Worth:
$200 Million

Bernie Taupin Net Worth

Bernie Taupin

Net Worth: $200 Million
Date of Birth: May 22, 1950 (71 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
Profession: Lyricist, Poet, Songwriter, Singer
Nationality: England

Understanding Bernie Taupin’s Net Worth?

Bernie Taupin is usually a prolific words artist, songwriter, diktare and lyricist. Bernie Taupin comes with an Net Worth of two hundred dollars million. Taupin is the most suitable renowned for the multi-decade effort with Elton John, for with whom the man penned quite a few files. A lot of Elton John’s most remarkable singles used to be authored by Bernie. The relationship with jon was initially forged in 1967 anytime both boys addressed advertising trying fresh songwriters.

They two prepared a agency. Elton jon can do anything article writing wonderful beats, but the songwriting expertise used to be losing. Taupin got your entire opposition. In unison, these pointed out that they are able to gain positives. After a good and profitable livelihood in unison, both Taupin and jon used to be inducted in to the Songwriters lounge of reputation in 1992.

Bernie happens to be named the melodious translator of Elton’s state of minds, stories and flights of imagination. Despite not a gay adult male themselves, Bernie happens to be in a position to achieve a wide array of Elton’s feelings throughout the years and years as he got at and out of your wardrobe. Bernie notoriously DISLIKES the single “Don’t start Breakin My Heart”, that he penned. Followed by the single was crowned the largest particular the pair have ever had in collection. For “Your single” Bernie penned some lines upon an article of composition so decided to toothbrush the smile. By the point the man returned, Elton wrote the song about what would go its number 1 success in america. Bernie says the decades-long kinship with Elton a “non sex-related fancy affair”.

Early being

Bernard jon Taupin was developed may 22nd of 1950 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, The united kingdomt. Elevated in a farmhouse without any electricty by kids with finnish plants roots, Bernie in due course shifted together with dads and moms to a different farmhouse which had deal with electric current. Taupin invested alongside two siblings and shortly were he isn’t as academically talented as the brother or sisters. But then again, the man displayed a talent for innovative authorship when we were young.

At age of 15, the man proved helpful as an apprentice at a regional report. But then again, the man easily kept this task and  began hitchhiking to the location together with buddies. She enjoyed a great deal, joined sways, as well as had pool. After throwing in unison earnings from numerous part-time employment, the man addressed a fateful advertivsement in a newspaper…


The commercial got for an audition with freedom record, which has been trying fresh experience. Bernie had to declare bankruptcy the try outsince had an absolutely obscure musician when referred to Elton jon. After denial, jon can begin to see the verses authored by Bernie. After evolving into anamored with Taupin’s authorship, jon in touch with the lyricist. The two quickly set out manufacturing beats in unison.

Over the years and months, Taupin and jon worked on over 30 cds. In 1977, jon and Taupin parted practices shortly, encouraging Bernie to work alongside a selection of second specialists. These required Alice Cooper. By 1980, the two experienced founded interacting yet again. Taupin is usually renowned for article writing the lines for several movies, which includes “Aida,” 1994’s “The Lion emperor,” and “Billy Elliot.” In addition, tom penned the screenplay for “Rocketman,” the Elton jon biopic.

In number, Taupin penned more or less excessive Elton jon sinks to identify. Examples include well-knwon files like “Rocket person,””Saturday nighttime’s okay for active,” “Bennie and also the fountain,” and “Goodbye chicken stone track.” Singles carried on during the 80s and also the early 1990s, which includes “Sad records,” “Simple being,” and “Believe.”

Bernie Taupin Net Worth

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In 1991, the documentary “Two bedrooms” presented the effort fashion within the two specialists. Taupin penned the lines and handed these jon, who also combined beats with the terms. There were any further action within the two specialists, particularly through the birth oftheir effort. But then again, Elton and Bernie worked alot more meticulously given that the year pass by. Another flick named “Rocketman” in addition emphasized romantic relationship between jon and Taupin, as well as the two gained an Academy prize of the movie’s single, “(I’m Gonna) appreciation me to Yet again.”In option to beats, Bernie and Elton receive collaborated on many Broadway musicals.

Throughout the years and months, Bernie did with an infinite few second specialists. They are particularly accepted for something with music groups like Starship and mind. Taupin is usually a producer, experiencing formed the project “American Gothic” for john Ackles. This project got late regarded given that the “Sgt. Pepper of parent Music.”

As a solo musician, Taupin initial saved spoken-word cds like “Taupin” during the early 1970’s. Next, he published 1st project as a vocalist, named “She which drives the gambling.” In 1996, Bernie made her own range referred to as neighborhood canine. Additionally, Bernie is usually a proficient aesthetic musician is exhibiting the paintings since 2010. The paintings happens to be viewed all over the state and europe.


Bernie Taupin happens to be betrothed a maximum of 4 times throughout the life time. 1st lover got Maxine Feibelman, with whom the man attached in 1971. Taupin’s kinship with Feibelman, which in due course finished in divorce process by 1976, affected the majority of Elton John’s files. By 1979, Bernie experienced remarried Toni Lynn Russo, the sibling of reputable occasional actress Rene Russo. That relationship in addition lost in divorce process by 1991.

By 1993, Taupin remarried for yet another point in time, that time to Stephanie Haymes Roven, the girl of reputable performing artists cock Haymes and Fran Jeffries. This final relationship finished in divorce process after five-years, in 1998. In 2004, the man attached Heather Kidd. Kidd and Taupin receive two young children in unison, as well as the family unit enjoys Santa Barbara state, carolina.

Real property

In 2017, it was subsequently stated that Taupin got promoting a ranch during the Santa Ynez area with a listed amount of $4.7 million. The 30-acre farm got up front got years and years in the past, as well as Bernie made an effort to flip it for $5.95 million in 2016. After appealing no prospective buyers, the man slice the rate and re-listed the farm. The chief family offers five spaces, as well as there is differentiate places for a business and office use. Bernie is usually notoriously attracted to ponies, as well as the household offers a “cavernous equestrian community” with an arena and stables.

Despite his passion of ponies, reviews late revealed that Taupin “no more drives ponies,” this also got a section of the rationality the man thought to offer. Further decorations can include a pizza stove, a share, a lake, as well as outdoors bicycling bands.