B.o.B Net Worth

B.o.B Net Worth:
$6 Million

B.o.B Net Worth


Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 15, 1988 (33 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Profession: Record producer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America

what exactly is B.o.B’s Net Worth?

B.o.B looks an American hip-hop audio recording specialist, singer-songwriter and report maker. Around this generating, B.o.B  contains an Net Worth of $6 million. This guy gained 1st bigger burst as he closed accurate documentation confront artistic Hustle registers, mutiny move activities and Atlantic lists. Together with his solamente generation work, B.o.B belongs to the production/rap bunch HamSquad, and Playboy Tre, Disc Jockey Swatts, Disc Jockey quiet, Moss c, B-Rich and TJ Chapman.

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  3. Personal Life

Early animation

B.o.B came into this world Bobby vector Simmons, Jr. in Winston-Salem, Old North State in December 1988. This guy participated play from basic classes to university on his school’s necklaces. This guy determined contained in the sixth-grade which he needed to observe a popular music work. The dad, a pastor, disapproved of their methods until he/she in the future pointed out that he had been utilising song as a kind of counseling in addition to an imaginative method. At 14 B.o.B purchased 1st shape to a painter labeled Citti, for music branded “I’m the dessert mankind.” This guy gone through by this time which he possessed old a profession and invested their payments too quickly, selection that presented this man a great session. B.o.B joined Princetown High School Kids in city, Georgia until he/she quit contained in the 9th standard as he found accurate documentation bargain.


He then was authorized to Atlantic registers and his awesome initially simple, 2007’s “Haterz all over,” landed at the top end five of the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop singles map. B.o.B’s prominence started initially to heighten at the outset of 2007. The remix to 1st punch, “Haterz all over,” providing vibrant son was adopted contained in the video “Fight day path 4,” and a popular music film seemed to be in the future revealed in the release. This guy issued another simple back in 2008, “I’ll get into the stars” therefore it landed at No. 15 of the Billboard ratings. B.o.B’s near lone seemed to be “Don’t Enable me to travel” and the man succeeded up along with initially bigger aspect as he seemed on T.I.’s trustworthy record “Paper track,” of the beat “On the top of reality,” alongside Ludacris. 4 years ago, B.o.B seemed to be offered of the contains of XXL and vibration reading material. From 2007 to 2008, he/she issued four mixtapes as well as stretched is.

In March 2009, B.o.B created an authentic beat, “Auto-Tune” the video “Grand burglary sedan: The misplaced and blasted.” On 16, 2009, B.o.B declared which he thought about being named “Bobby vector” moving forward. This guy issued their 6th mixtape in july 2009. During summertime of 2009 B.o.B embarked in the big Hangover live show excursion.

(shot by Frazer Harrison/Getty pictures for BMI)

In 2010 his simple “Nothin’ you” touched number one contained in the UNITED STATE and U.K. his/her record The activities of Bobby vector landed at number one of the UNITED STATE Billboard ratings and seemed to be approved valuable metal. MTV by the name of B.o.B the 9th “Hottest MC contained in the Game”. The moment record funny Clouds was introduced and premiered at no. 5 of the Billboard 200. Her 2013 record Buried Indulgence produced the best punch “Headband”. B.o.B got a Soul educate awarding for perfect music and an adolescent variety awarding for get connected music this season.

In 2015 he/she issued their 4th dojo record Psycadelik Thoughtz, which skilled going back for the dojo for their “Bobby vector” personality to which he/she completed and taped under at the start of their work. At that moment he/she said to HipHopDX: “I want to earn whatever could promote is actually. The situation began to be an EP followed by produced into a country challenge. I Am of this nature challenge is actually limited since the men and women have previously been requesting for Bobby Spine and this refers to Bobby Spine in its entirety configuration.” In November 2016, he/she issued their moment EP split into two calendar months.

In 2018 B.o.B revealed their 4th dojo record “Ether”. On December 4, 2016, B.o.B revealed 1st digest record, substances, built from tunes from their final four solamente mixtapes, LIQUID, FIRE, PLANET and dry. On June 5, 2018, B.oB issued their 6th dojo record branded “Naga.” Although he/she declared when that “Naga” could well be their final publish, a follow-up, “Southmatic,” seemed to be retire a year later. In 2020 and 2021, he/she issued two more dojo cds: “Somnia” and “Lost Tapes.”

Personal Animation

B.o.B looks a recognized conspiracy theorist and the man contains said this and his awesome anti-establishment landscapes in interviews, web 20, as well as through their song. Examples of the quite a few conspiracies he/she feels in contained of the fact that planet looks fat-free, of the fact that 1969 star attaining seemed to be faked, 9/11 seemed to be an internal role, as well as of the fact that govt looks doing celebrities cloning. The beat “Flatline” from 2006 refers to antisemitic conspiracy concepts which got the interest from Anti-Defamation nfl.

If B.o.B stated the fact the ground looks fat-free, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson occupied with your husband on Twitter to attempt to compell this man of the fact that Planet looks around, however knocker would not pull back their values and implicated NASA of bypassing queries, and launching a diss path against Tyson described as “Flatline.” B.o.B. established your monthly membership while in the box planet company in 2016. In November 2017, B.o.B tried $200,000 in contributions to produce his or her own broadcast satellites to make sure that swimming pool is important of the world. After looking for the traditional $200,000 B.o.B upped their inquire to $1,000,000 to fund the price quite a few test-seeking planes, environment balloons, as well as broadcast satellites.