Bushwick Bill Net Worth

Bushwick Bill Net Worth:
$1.5 Million

Bushwick Bill Net Worth

Bushwick Bill

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Date of delivery: Dec 8, 1966 – Jun 9, 2019 (52 years of)
Gender: Male
level: 3 foot 8 in (1.12 letter)
Profession: Singer, Rapper
Nationality: US

Bushwick Bill Net Worth: Bushwick Bill would be a American music designer whom has netting value of $around 1.5 million dollars in the time his/her dying in 2019. Bushwick Bill, known as Richard Stephen Shaw, grew up in island, as well as spent your childhood years in the us. He/she spent your childhood years within the Bushwick part of Brooklyn, Colony, as well as grabbed his/her reputation from his/her location.

He is quite often often known as doctor Wolfgang des Unternehmens Bushwickin the Barbarian mommy trendy stop big sale Billstir. He/she flashy to dominance within the recent eighties within the party, Geto kids. The Geto kids introduced different lucrative paths and photos through the entire 90s, as well as will begin to work in unison. Along with a task applying the Geto kids, Bushwick Bill in addition has visitor completed on paths for doctor Dre, among different writers and singers. They have published six business photos, as well as just recently revealed which the Geto kids were consistently getting in a position to file a fresh recordingbecause advantageously. Regretfully, Bushwick Bill expired on may 9, 2019 within the era of 52.