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Kyle Larson Net Worth

What is Kyle Larson Net Worth and Salary?

American professional stock car racer Kyle Larson Net Worth $12 million. Kyle Larson has participated in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. People Also Search Ty Gibbs Net Worth

Kyle Larson Net Worth Growth

Kyle Larson Net Worth 2024 $12.0 Million
Kyle Larson Net Worth 2023 $10.0 Million
Kyle Larson Net Worth 2022 $8.0 Million
Kyle Larson Net Worth 2021 $6.5 Million
Kyle Larson Net Worth 2020 $5.0 Million
Kyle Larson Net Worth 2019 $3.0 Million

Racing career

Kyle Larson’s journey in motorsports began at the tender age of seven when he first hopped into a go-kart. This early start laid the foundation for his illustrious career. The young prodigy displayed remarkable prowess, clinching the first of many points championships.

Transitioning to dirt track racing, Larson’s innate talent quickly made him stand out among the rising stars of the nation. In 2011, he claimed victory at the Belleville Midget Nationals Championship and was bestowed with the USAC Silver Crown Rookie of the Year accolade.

In 2012, Larson made his debut in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, an impressive rookie season that culminated in him securing the championship. Simultaneously, he participated part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, earning a commendable third-place finish in the championship standings. Larson’s growth was undeniable.

The year 2013 marked a significant step forward as Larson took on the Xfinity Series full-time, notching the coveted Rookie of the Year award and finishing as the runner-up in the championship standings. His trajectory towards NASCAR stardom was evident.

By 2014, Larson made his eagerly awaited NASCAR Cup Series debut, racing for Chip Ganassi Racing. He claimed the Rookie of the Year title, rounding off a successful year by securing eighth place in the championship standings. His steady ascent continued in 2015 when he triumphed at Auto Club Speedway, capturing his maiden Cup Series victory and concluding the season in sixth place in the championship rankings.

The momentum carried into 2016 when Larson reached the NASCAR Playoffs for the first time. His impressive performance culminated in a sixth-place finish in the season’s championship standings, along with two race wins. 2017 only reaffirmed his prowess, with three race victories and a solid fifth-place finish in the championship standings.

In 2018, Larson continued to display his competitive edge, winning one race and securing seventh place in the championship standings. His consistency led to a third consecutive playoff appearance. 2019 marked a pinnacle in his career, with five race wins and a fourth-place finish in the championship standings. He also secured victory in the NASCAR All-Star Race.

However, 2020 presented a challenging juncture when Larson faced suspension from NASCAR due to the unfortunate use of a racial slur during an online iRacing event. He embarked on his return to racing in 2021 under the banner of Hendrick Motorsports. This season became a watershed moment for him, as he dominated the track, winning 10 races and the NASCAR Cup Series Championship. Additionally, Larson claimed his second NASCAR All-Star Race victory.

As the years rolled on, Larson maintained his status as one of the most accomplished drivers in NASCAR in both 2022 and 2023. During this span, he secured a total of six wins across both seasons and made the NASCAR Playoffs without fail. His consistency and talent have made him a frontrunner for multiple championships in the future.

Beyond his achievements in NASCAR, Larson’s prowess extends to dirt track racing, where he has claimed victories in numerous prestigious events, including the Kings Royal, Knoxville Nationals, and Chili Bowl Nationals. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the youngest driver to secure the Triple Crown of Dirt Track Racing, comprising the Kings Royal, Knoxville Nationals, and Chili Bowl Nationals.

In the world of motorsports, Kyle Larson stands as a testament to versatility and exceptional talent. His ability to shine on diverse terrains, be it in NASCAR, dirt track racing, or even sports car racing, cements his reputation as a formidable contender capable of clinching victory at any given moment.

In popular media

Kyle Larson Net Worth

Kyle Larson’s presence extends beyond the race track and into popular media. Here are some notable instances:

  1. **Logan Lucky:** Larson made a memorable cameo in the 2017 film “Logan Lucky,” where he played the role of a limo driver, showcasing his versatility beyond racing.
  2. **NASCAR Heat Evolution:** Gamers and racing enthusiasts have had the chance to virtually step into Larson’s shoes in the NASCAR Heat Evolution video game series, which has featured him since its inception in 2016.
  3. **NASCAR iRacing:** Larson’s competitive spirit isn’t limited to the physical world of racing. He’s a prominent figure in the NASCAR iRacing series, consistently earning victories and championships in the virtual realm.
  4. **NASCAR on TV:** Larson’s on-track prowess has made him a familiar face on television, regularly featured in NASCAR broadcasts on networks like Fox, NBC, and USA Network. His popularity extends to the screen, where he’s often interviewed by reporters and commentators.

Larson’s influence extends to the digital realm as well. With over 1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, he utilizes his social media platforms to engage with fans, offering insights into racing and sharing his thoughts on various topics.

In the world of NASCAR, Larson’s star is rapidly ascending, making him not just a racing icon but a global sporting figure. He serves as a role model for countless young enthusiasts and an inspiration to all who follow his journey.

Personal life

Kyle Larson Net Worth

Kyle Larson’s personal life reflects a commitment to family and a generous spirit:

In 2012, Larson crossed paths with Katelyn Sweet, a fateful meeting that eventually led to their marriage in 2018. Their family has since grown to include three children: Audrey Layne, Owen Miyata, and Cooper Donald.

Though Larson is generally a private individual when it comes to his personal affairs, he has, at times, opened up about the significance of his family. He holds them dear and values the time they spend together outdoors, engaging in activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping.

Beyond his achievements on the racetrack, Larson is a philanthropist with a compassionate heart. His benevolence shines through the establishment of the Kyle Larson Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to granting scholarships to students aspiring to build careers in motorsports, emphasizing his commitment to fostering the next generation of talent.

Larson’s goodwill extends to supporting various charitable endeavors that aid children and families facing challenges. His contributions to these causes underline his dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Within the NASCAR community, Larson stands as a figure of great respect, known for his kindness and humility. His character and achievements make him not only a role model for many young individuals but also an inspiration to all who follow his journey, both on and off the track.

Kyle Larson Stats

Kyle Larson’s motorsports career has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by an impressive list of achievements in a variety of racing disciplines:

**NASCAR Cup Series:**

  • Victories: 22
  • Top 5 Finishes: 102
  • Top 10 Finishes: 161
  • Pole Positions: 7
  • Average Finish: 14.21
  • Championships: 1 (in 2021)

**NASCAR Xfinity Series:**

  • Wins: 14
  • Top 5s: 56
  • Top 10s: 80
  • Poles: 8
  • Average Finish: 9.8
  • Championships: None

**NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series:**

  • Triumphant Moments: 3
  • Top 5 Placements: 12
  • Top 10 Placements: 19
  • Poles: 3
  • Average Finish: 14.72
  • Championships: None

**Other Disciplines:**

  • Countless Wins (including prestigious events like the Kings Royal, Knoxville Nationals, Chili Bowl Nationals, and the coveted Triple Crown of Dirt Track Racing)

Kyle Larson’s unique versatility and profound talent make him a formidable force in motorsports. Whether it’s the high-speed realm of NASCAR, the demanding dirt tracks, or even sports car racing, he consistently poses a threat to secure victories. Regarded as one of the premier drivers in NASCAR, Larson is a frontrunner, widely anticipated to clinch multiple championships in the future. His track record is a testament to his prowess and adaptability on various circuits.

Kyle Larson car

Kyle Larson Net Worth

Kyle Larson commands the wheel of the No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, representing Hendrick Motorsports in the fiercely competitive NASCAR Cup Series. Backed by sponsorship from, Larson’s car stands among the most formidable contenders in the series.

Under the hood, Larson’s racing machine packs a potent 5.8-liter V8 engine, churning out an astonishing 700+ horsepower. Beyond raw power, this car boasts a suite of high-performance components, including a lightweight carbon fiber body, strategically engineered aerodynamic downforce elements, and a finely-tuned suspension system.

Larson’s racing chariot is meticulously crafted for exceptional speed and agility while maintaining paramount safety. It incorporates advanced safety features designed to shield the driver in the unfortunate event of a mishap.

Larson’s car is a testament to his driving prowess and skill. It’s a formidable contender, engineered to conquer races at the pinnacle of NASCAR competition, reflecting both his talent and the meticulous engineering behind this high-performance racing marvel.


Kyle Larson Net Worth

Kyle Larson’s illustrious racing career has been adorned with numerous accolades and titles, underscoring his exceptional talent and impact on the world of motorsports. Some of his notable awards and achievements include:

  • **2021 NASCAR Cup Series Champion**: Larson’s triumphant victory in the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series stands as a pinnacle achievement in his career.
  • **2021 NASCAR All-Star Race Winner**: His exceptional skills shone brightly as he claimed the title of the 2021 NASCAR All-Star Race.
  • **2022 ESPY Award for Best Driver**: Recognized beyond the racetrack, Larson was honored with the prestigious ESPY Award for Best Driver in 2022.
  • **2014 NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year**: Early in his NASCAR journey, Larson displayed immense promise, earning the title of Rookie of the Year in the 2014 NASCAR Cup Series.
  • **2013 NASCAR Xfinity Series Rookie of the Year**: Larson’s rapid rise continued as he secured the Rookie of the Year title in the 2013 NASCAR Xfinity Series.
  • **2012 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Champion**: His championship victory in the 2012 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East showcased his prowess in the racing world.
  • **2011 USAC Silver Crown Rookie of the Year**: Larson’s excellence extended beyond NASCAR, with recognition as the USAC Silver Crown Rookie of the Year in 2011.
  • **2011 Belleville Midget Nationals Champion**: A significant milestone in his dirt track racing career, Larson emerged victorious as the Belleville Midget Nationals Champion in 2011.
  • **2010 Triple Crown of Dirt Track Racing Champion**: Larson’s dominance in the world of dirt track racing culminated in capturing the prestigious Triple Crown of Dirt Track Racing in 2010.

Kyle Larson’s extraordinary accolades and achievements have positioned him as one of the most decorated drivers in the realms of both NASCAR and dirt track racing. He is universally acknowledged as one of the finest drivers globally, bearing the expectation of multiple championships in his future endeavors.

In addition to his racing laurels, Larson’s philanthropic endeavors further reflect his character. As the founder of the Kyle Larson Foundation, he extends support through scholarships to students pursuing careers in motorsports. His charitable contributions also extend to various organizations aiding children and families in need.

As a role model to numerous young enthusiasts and a source of inspiration to all who follow his journey, Kyle Larson stands as not only a talented driver but also a successful entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist, emblematic of the values and dedication that transcend the racing world.


Kyle Larson’s background is a testament to his mixed ethnicity. His family heritage encompasses a blend of cultures, with his father, Mike Larson, being of Caucasian descent, and his mother, Janet Larson, hailing from Japanese-American roots. This unique heritage positions Kyle Larson as half-Japanese and half-Caucasian.

Larson, embracing his diverse heritage, has openly expressed his pride in both his Japanese and Caucasian lineage. He reflects upon his cultural mosaic with a sense of belonging to both worlds, allowing his identity to be a rich tapestry of influences.

As a prominent figure in motorsports, Kyle Larson serves as a role model for many, particularly for those who share a mixed ethnicity. His journey illustrates that success and the pursuit of one’s dreams know no bounds and can be achieved irrespective of one’s cultural background. Larson’s story is a source of inspiration, showcasing the limitless potential inherent in diversity and heritage.


1) Is Kyle Larson still married?

Yes, Kyle Larson and Katelyn Sweet are still wed. Audrey Layne, Owen Miyata, and Cooper Donald are their three children, and they were united in marriage in 2018.

2) What was Kyle Larson’s salary?

According to estimates, Kyle Larson will make $10 million. This covers both his Hendrick Motorsports pay and his revenues from endorsements.

3) Where was Kyle Larson born?

Kyle Larson, who was born on July 31, 1992, in Elk Grove, California, has had an absolutely intriguing road to the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series championship.

4) What is Kyle Larson age?

July 31, 1992 saw the birth of Kyle Larson. He turned 31 on this day, October 11, 2023.

5) What kind of car does Kyle Larson drive?

In the NASCAR Cup Series, Kyle Larson operates Hendrick Motorsports’ No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The vehicle is one of the most competitive vehicles in the competition and is sponsored by

 6) Who is Kyle Larson wife?

Katelyn Sweet is wed to Kyle Larson. They began dating in 2012 and were wed in 2018. Cooper Donald, Owen Miyata, and Audrey Layne are their three children together.

7) How many kids does Kyle Larson have?

Kyle Larson has three children with his wife Katelyn Sweet:

  • Audrey Layne
  • Owen Miyata
  • Cooper Donald

8) What is Kyle Larson Height?

Kyle Larson Height is 5’6”.

9) Does Kyle Larson do martial arts?

Kyle Larson may or may not practice martial arts, but there is no publicly available information to support either claim. But Larson was reportedly cited as adding in a 2019 interview with Autoweek, “I’ve trained in martial arts, but I don’t know if I’m very good at it.” This implies that Larson has some martial arts expertise, but it is not known how much training he has had or what kind of martial arts he performs.

10) How much does Kyle Larson earn a year?

In 2023, Kyle Larson is anticipated to make $10 million a year in income. This covers both his Hendrick Motorsports pay and his revenues from endorsements.In 2023, Kyle Larson is anticipated to make $10 million a year in income. This covers both his Hendrick Motorsports pay and his revenues from endorsements.

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