Randy Moss Net Worth 2024: 5 Surprising Facts 😱Behind the Spotlight🌟

Randy Moss Net Worth

What is Randy Moss Net Worth and Salary?

American former professional football player Randy Moss Net Worth of $25 million. One of the greatest wide receivers in football history is largely acknowledged as being Randy Moss.

The Minnesota Vikings selected Moss 21st overall in the 1998 NFL Draft. With 17 touchdown receptions as a rookie, he immediately had an effect. He won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award for his impressive debut. Throughout his time with the Vikings, Moss developed a reputation as a deep threat who could outrun defenders and make acrobatic receptions that astounded both fans and opponents.

When Moss signed with the New England Patriots in 2007, he and quarterback Tom Brady established one of the league’s most fearsome quarterback-receiver combinations. He not only helped the Patriots complete an undefeated regular season that year, but he also shattered Jerry Rice’s single-season touchdown catch record with 23 touchdowns. People Also Search for Joe Flacco.

Randy Moss Net Worth Growth

Randy Moss Net Worth 2024 $25.0 Million
Randy Moss Net Worth 2023 $20.0 Million
Randy Moss Net Worth 2022 $18.5 Million
Randy Moss Net Worth 2021 $16.0 Million
Randy Moss Net Worth 2020 $14.0 Million
Randy Moss Net Worth 2019 $10.0 Million

Early life

Randy Moss was brought into the world on February 13, 1977, in the modest town of Rand, West Virginia, which is situated approximately 20 miles from Charleston, the state capital. His early years were marred by financial hardship, as his father spent a significant portion of Moss’s childhood behind bars, leaving his mother struggling to make ends meet. Must Read Roger Staubach Net Worth.

Nevertheless, Moss displayed remarkable athletic prowess from a young age. At DuPont High School in Belle, West Virginia, he was a standout in football, basketball, and track and field. He led the DuPont Panthers to consecutive state championships in 1992 and 1993, earning the title of West Virginia Football Player of the Year in 1994.

However, Moss’s off-field challenges also emerged during his youth. During his senior year in high school, he faced legal troubles, including an arrest for battery, which prompted Notre Dame to retract their scholarship offer. Subsequently, he enrolled at Florida State University but was dismissed from the football team due to parole violations stemming from a failed drug test.

In 1996, Moss found a new home at Marshall University, where he enjoyed a remarkable two-year career as a wide receiver. He set school records for touchdowns and receiving yards in a single season and garnered consensus All-American honors in both 1996 and 1997.

Randy Moss’s early life was a mixture of triumph and adversity. He overcame the challenges of a challenging upbringing to ultimately establish himself as one of the most exceptional wide receivers in NFL history. His story serves as an inspiration to young athletes everywhere who are striving to conquer their own obstacles and pursue their aspirations.

College career

Randy Moss Net Worth

During his college football journey, Randy Moss donned the colors of Marshall University from 1996 to 1997. In his freshman year, he made an immediate impact, smashing school records with an impressive 1,709 receiving yards and a remarkable 28 touchdowns. His outstanding performance earned him the coveted Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s premier wide receiver, and he secured a notable fourth-place finish in the Heisman Trophy voting.

In his sophomore season, Moss played an instrumental role in Marshall’s victory in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) championship and their advancement to the NCAA Division I-A playoffs. He etched his name into the NCAA record books by setting a new record for touchdown receptions in a single season with 25. Once again, Moss earned the title of consensus All-American and achieved a commendable third-place finish in the Heisman Trophy voting.

Moss decided to forego his junior and senior college seasons, opting to enter the NFL Draft. The Minnesota Vikings selected him in the first round (21st overall) in 1998. People Also Read Calvin Johnson Net Worth


Randy Moss stands tall as one of the most decorated and prolific wide receivers in the annals of the NFL. His remarkable contributions to the sport led to his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018. While Moss may have been a polarizing figure off the field, there’s no denying his profound impact on the game of football and the numerous victories he helped secure for his teams.

Professional career

Moss’s professional career spanned an impressive 14 seasons in the NFL, encompassing stints with the Minnesota Vikings (1998-2004, 2010), Oakland Raiders (2005-06), New England Patriots (2007-2010), Tennessee Titans (2010), and San Francisco 49ers (2012). He was a six-time Pro Bowl selection and garnered four first-team All-Pro selections.

Moss made an immediate impact in the NFL, setting the rookie record for touchdown receptions with a remarkable 17 in 1998 and securing the title of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. In 2000, his excellence shone through as he hauled in 111 passes for 1,493 yards and 17 touchdowns, playing a pivotal role in the Vikings’ journey to the NFC Championship Game.

In 2007, Moss’s career took an exciting turn when he was traded to the New England Patriots. There, he formed a formidable partnership with quarterback Tom Brady, contributing significantly to the Patriots’ victory in Super Bowl XLII. His 2007 season was nothing short of legendary, as he caught 98 passes for 1,493 yards and an astonishing 23 touchdowns, setting a single-season record for touchdown receptions.

Moss eventually hung up his cleats after the 2012 NFL season, concluding his illustrious career with 984 receptions, 15,299 receiving yards, and an impressive 156 touchdowns. His legacy as one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history remains unquestionable.

Randy Moss stats

Here’s a breakdown of Randy Moss’s remarkable NFL career statistics:


Team(s) Games (G) Receptions (Rec) Receiving Yards (Yds) Average (Avg)

Touchdowns (TD)


Minnesota Vikings


510 7,985 15.7



Oakland Raiders


186 3,219 17.3



New England Patriots


389 5,485 14.1



Minnesota Vikings



124 9.6



Tennessee Titans


15 310 20.7



San Francisco 49ers


28 434 15.5


Career Totals: 224 Games, 982 Receptions, 15,292 Receiving Yards, 15.6 Yards per Reception, 156 Touchdowns

Career Highlights

Randy Moss’s illustrious career was marked by a slew of accomplishments:

  • 6-time Pro Bowl selection (1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2009)
  • 4-time First-team All-Pro selection (1998, 2000, 2003, 2007)
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (1998)
  • Super Bowl XLII champion (2007)
  • NFL single-season record for touchdown receptions (23 in 2007)

Randy Moss is universally celebrated as one of the preeminent wide receivers in the storied history of the NFL. His career statistics stand as a testament to his extraordinary abilities, yet they only scratch the surface of his profound influence on the sport. Moss possessed the power to transform a game with his exceptional speed, imposing stature, and leaping prowess. He was not just a receiver but also a remarkable playmaker, capable of finding the end zone from virtually anywhere on the field.

NFL records and career notables

Randy Moss Net Worth

Randy Moss’s NFL journey is studded with records and career milestones:

**NFL Records:**

  • Most touchdown receptions in a single season: 23 (2007)
  • Most touchdown receptions by a rookie: 17 (1998)
  • Most seasons with 1,000 or more receiving yards: 10 (tied with Jerry Rice)
  • Most games with 100 or more receiving yards: 64 (tied with Marvin Harrison)

**Career Notables:**

  • 6-time Pro Bowl selection
  • 4-time First-team All-Pro selection
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (1998)
  • Super Bowl XLII champion (2007)
  • NFL single-season record for touchdown receptions (23 in 2007)
  • Culminated his career with 982 receptions for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns

Randy Moss is undeniably regarded as one of the paramount wide receivers in the annals of NFL history. His presence on the field was a game-altering force, often tipping the balance in favor of his teams. His ability to score from any corner of the field rendered him a constant threat and cemented his status as one of the most formidable receivers in NFL history.

While Moss may have elicited strong reactions and opinions throughout his career, there is no refuting the indelible mark he left on the sport of football. His records and career highlights bear testimony to his greatness, and his enduring legacy will continue to kindle the aspirations of countless wide receivers for generations to come. He was a true innovator of the game, injecting excitement into football for all who had the privilege of witnessing his artistry.

Outside football

**Randy Moss’s Diverse Ventures Beyond Football**

Beyond his legendary football career, Randy Moss has ventured into a multitude of endeavors, showcasing his diverse talents and interests:

  1. **Mossy Clothing Line:** Mossy, his clothing line, made its debut in 2006. Offering a range of fashion items for both men and women, it includes stylish options like t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweatpants.
  2. **Randy Records:** In 2007, Moss delved into the music world by establishing Randy Records, a record label. This label has played a role in releasing albums by various artists, including Moss himself, displaying his passion for music.
  3. **Quad City Steamwheelers:** Moss’s involvement extends to sports ownership as he co-owns the Quad City Steamwheelers, an Indoor Football League team. Based in Moline, Illinois, the team competes in thrilling indoor football games.
  4. **Film and Television Appearances:** Moss has graced both the silver screen and television screen, making appearances in notable films such as “The Longest Yard” (2005) and “Draft Day” (2014), as well as popular television shows like “CSI: Miami” and “The Game.” His talents transcend the field and extend to the world of entertainment.
  5. **Randy Moss Foundation:** Founded in 2005, the Randy Moss Foundation serves as a testament to his philanthropic dedication. The foundation focuses on uplifting underprivileged youth through educational and enrichment programs, thereby creating pathways for their success.

Randy Moss’s foray beyond football highlights his multifaceted persona. He is a figure of controversy with a challenging past, yet he is also an accomplished athlete and astute entrepreneur. More importantly, he stands as an inspiring role model for the younger generation, consistently making a positive impact on the world outside the realm of football. His ventures illustrate his commitment to giving back to the community and empowering others to achieve their aspirations, solidifying his status as a true influencer in various spheres of life.

Personal life

Randy Moss Net Worth

In the realm of personal life, Randy Moss shares his journey with Lydia Moss, his wife. Together, they have nurtured a loving family, blessed with four children: Thaddeus, Montigo, Sydney, and Senali. Thaddeus Moss, their son, has followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career as a professional football player, notably representing the Cincinnati Bengals in 2021.

Moss’s personal life, however, has not been devoid of challenges. His off-field incidents have garnered attention throughout his career, including an arrest for battery during his senior year of high school and a subsequent expulsion from the Florida State football team due to a parole violation related to a failed drug test. In addition to these issues, he has faced legal consequences for multiple traffic violations and incidents of disorderly conduct.

Despite these off-field troubles, Randy Moss remains a dedicated husband and father. He has emphatically expressed that his family holds the utmost importance in his life, and he is resolute in his commitment to being a devoted husband and father.

Beyond his roles in sports and family, Moss serves as an inspiring figure for numerous young individuals. His journey from a challenging childhood and personal setbacks to becoming one of the most exceptional wide receivers in NFL history exemplifies the resilience required to achieve one’s dreams. As such, he stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring young individuals striving to realize their own aspirations.


**Randy Moss’s African-American Heritage and Impact**

Randy Moss proudly identifies as African-American, with his birthplace in Rand, West Virginia, to two African-American parents. He has openly spoken about his ethnic background, expressing a deep sense of pride in his African-American heritage.

In the illustrious realm of the NFL, Moss stands as one of the numerous accomplished African-American athletes. His journey serves as an inspiration to countless young African-Americans who ardently pursue their dreams. His success stands as a testament to the unwavering determination and dedication exhibited by African-American athletes across the nation. Randy Moss’s achievements symbolize the fruits of hard work, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence that resonate within the African-American sports community.


1) Why did Randy Moss quit NFL?

Randy Moss left the NFL following the 2012 campaign. At the time, he was 35 years old and had participated in 14 seasons of league play. His choice to resign was influenced by a number different things.

2) What’s Randy Moss salary?

After the 2012 season, Randy Moss left the NFL, hence he is no longer paid. He did, however, make over $82 million in pay over the course of his 14-year career. During his heyday, he was one of the highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL.

3) What does Randy Moss do now?

ESPN presently employs Randy Moss as an NFL commentator. He may be seen on the NFL Countdown Sunday and Countdown Monday shows. Additionally, he shares ownership of the Quad City Steamwheelers of the Indoor Football League.

4) What is Randy Moss age?

Randy Moss was born on February 13, 1977, making him 46 years old as of right now.

5) What is Randy Moss height?

Randy Moss stands at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall.

6) How many Randy Moss 2007 stats?

Randy Moss had the in 2007 Receptions: 98, Receiving yards: 1,493, Touchdowns: 23

7) Is Randy Moss in the Hall of Famer?

Randy Moss is indeed a member of the Hall of Fame. In 2018, he was admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

8) Who is Randy Moss wife today?

Lydia Moss is now married to Randy Moss. Thaddeus, Montigo, Sydney, and Senali are their four children; they were married in 2005.

9) What is Randy Moss weight?

During his NFL career, Randy Moss weighed 210 pounds (95 kg).

10) When did Randy Moss retire?

Randy Moss left the NFL following the 2012 campaign. At the time, he was 35 years old and had participated in 14 seasons of league play.


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